cover photo by Russ Dixon/artwork by Ty Mortensen/other photos by Mary Kay Gaydos

A Little Bit Romantic

November 2011

Released in December 2011, Liz Woolley's first full length solo jazz album includes 8 original tunes and the remarkable talents of Michael J Frew (guitar), Jim Schaub (bass), Jason Nicholson (drums), Nathan O'Bryant (bass) and Jon Gudmundson (saxophones). Available on iTunes and at

photos by Levi Sim/artwork by Megan Bell

Do Love

November 2014

Liz Woolley's second full length solo album, released in November 2014. Includes 12 original tracks written by Liz Woolley and the musical talents of Aaron Quinn (guitar), John Allen (bass), Brian Ellerman (drums), and Dylan Bram (vibes and percussion). Digital tracks available on iTunes, and physical copies available at

photos by Lyndi Benson

Sister Summer

August 2012

9 original songs by sisters Liz and Christina Woolley in the bluegrass/folk style. Check out the full length album on iTunes or at